Movies are the most powerful cultural influence!

We like to shake up the complacent thinkers and inspire change through the moving image. We challenge the preconceived convictions about the world around us and its worldview.

We believe in taking risks in order to create art that asks the right questions, prompting our audience to uncover their own answers.

We have fun making films, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, that will change our own lives – why would you bother doing anything less?

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Dana Newell

Dana Marie Newell – Producer | Director  – is an award winning filmmaker who produces thought provoking, honest cinema that offers hope and inspiration.

Her experience in acting, which began when she was 12 years old,  gives her the ability to empathise with characters and bring out compelling stories.

Dana moved from the quiet country life of Queensland to Sydney to study Drama. After graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts, Drama, Dana started work in Video Production as a Production Assistant for a multimedia company while starting her own Speech & Drama studio. The multimedia company soon opened a Feature Film School where Dana then developed course outlines and taught some of the acting classes; meanwhile she also ventured out as a performing actor. Dana went on to further study, in the Mesiner Technique for another 3 years.

Dana moved on to a high-end Broadcast Design, Creative Agency and TVC Production Company in 2009 where she worked as Production & Director’s Assistant for 4 years. It was here that Dana helped in the production of branding some of Foxtel’s leading channels and many TVC’s.

In 2010 Dana began GMR Pictures as a platform to produce films and documentaries.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2013 Dana works full-time as a Producer at a design focused production and post production studio.

Dana also volunteers at City on a Hill and writes, produces and directs sermon series trailers, interviews and testimonies that play at Hoyts Cinema each week during the services.

Whether in front of the camera or behind, Dana has a variety of experience from content creation through to development. Her breadth of experience enables her to skilfully manage roles, come up with engaging stories and collaborate effectively to produce outstanding productions.