Lost in the Dark – Short Film

There’s only one way to survive.

Official Selection and Finalist for the 168 Film Project 2013.


In a world where light is your only protection, a young woman must do everything she can to be reconciled with the ones she’s wronged before night decends and the terrible creatures of darkness come to claim her.

“Lost in the Dark” was written in 6 days by Chris W. Bailey & Dana Marie Newell, during the pre-production phase of the film. It was then filmed and edited, complete with soundtrack and sound design, in only 168hours.

GMR Pictures teamed up with Chris Bailey at WonderGate to create this thriller for the 168 Film Project 2013.

The short film has been inspired by Exodus 21:23-25 & ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy.

Written & Directed by: Christopher W. Bailey
Written & Produced by: Dana Marie Newell
Staring: Dana Marie, Dean Kirkright & Sarah Walton
Cinematographer: Ty Tuin
Edited by: Christopher W. Bailey
Sound Design: Nayomi Pattuwage
Orignal Score by: Daniel Saban at Transverb Studios
Trailer Editor: Daniel Saban
BTS Editor & B Roll Videographer: Karl Birchley

Project Status: Festival Submission – 168 Film Project 2013

A Bit Behind the Story

It felt like Team #73 was starting off with a disadvantage. Our team of 2, Producer / Director (and co-writers) were new to Melbourne and our resources and networks were low, not to mention our budget of $0. We spent a lot of energy sourcing crew we’d never worked with before, praying that they were a right fit. Then we had problems sourcing a location because we decided it would be fun to write a script set in outback Australia in a dilapidated house. God provided an amazing location and talented cast and crew who worked hard and became friends quickly.

Working on a scary film, on farmland far from anyone, in a creepy abandoned house in 0 degrees makes you appreciate good company and a warm cup of tea.

Read more about the Behind the Scenes.
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Read more about the Behind the Scenes.
See more photos on Facebook